LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA the (visual) podcast! “Our Essence Is Our Key” |Stephanie Nöne Dunivan

Lauretta November 9, 2020


Darlings, welcome to LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA episode 1. I’m your host Lauretta Nkwocha. Throughout my life I’ve met so many inspiring and exciting people. My guest today is someone I met when I first started singing in the Michael Hart band, one of many bands at Hank Lane Music and Productions. I remember thinking she was beautiful, fun, fierce and her voice was fabulous! I was so surprised to learn that she had a young son. I mean, she looked so young herself. Stephanie Hodges Dunivan, otherwise known as Nöne, is a singer, the mother of two, a wife, and executive producer of video at Essence magazine. She can be seen every Thursday as a host of Shop Essence Live, where she highlights black-owned businesses and connects them with new consumers. She also just released her debut EP, “Love To Shine” which is available to download below, or on all music platforms.… Today we talk about her career journey starting at 106 and Park, falling in love with her backup plan, pausing work for a dance party, and getting blind drunk at a celeb wedding (with me, by the way)! She says that the versatility of black women’s hair is a superpower. Well, this super woman has figured out the essence of living her life balanced, guilt-free and definitely out loud.

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