LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA the (visual) podcast! “E! True Brooklyn Boy” | Larry Namer

Lauretta November 16, 2020


Hello, darlings, and welcome to LIVING OUT LOUD with LAURETTA. My guest today is actually responsible for much of my TV enjoyment in the last 15 years. As a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, he never dreamed that he would one day live in Los Angeles and build one of the biggest entertainment networks on cable. I’m talking about the channel that brings us the beloved reruns of Sex in the City (my favorite), Botched, the long running Keeping Up With The Kardashians and even longer E! News. Of course, I’m talking about the E! Entertainment Network, and my guest is co founder, Mr. Larry Namer. I was ecstatic that he was willing to sit and chat with me, and even more ecstatic to hear his compelling stories, which included him and his business partner jumping the fence at the Academy Awards with their basic camera equipment so that they could interview celebrities on the red carpet!! Of course, they were quickly thrown out once they were discovered! Also his love of cooking and planting vegetables. I mean, this media mogul is so unlike the perception of what a mogul should be. He is funny and creative, and a huge advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the media. I can’t wait for you to hear about his next project in the beauty industry. As a lover of love, he was married twice, which resulted in three (now) adult children. He says “You need to find that place of balance in life,” and he does this masterfully. He focuses on things that truly bring him joy, spending time with his children, cooking and being creative. His keenness to learn is why he has had such a long career, and his ability to not take himself so seriously, is a lesson for us all in how to live our lives truly out loud.

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