Thinking Person’s Radio

Welcome to Radio Hydrogen.  We are currently under construction but very soon you will begin to see content arriving.  Radio Hydrogen is a hub for articles, podcasts and other media that  explore  ideas of all things  wonderful and useful.  One of the first things you can expect to see is a podcast series entitled, “The Laser Garden,” a show dedicated to Science, Subcultures and Supernature. There is also a mini series entitled, “The Sage Or The Unenlightend Man – a dialogue between an atheist and a Nichiren Buddhist.  As time progresses,  other material will start to appear like the first stars in the early universe from out of the Hydrogen mist. Our agenda is the liberation, mind expansion, fulfillment and augmentation of ALL sentient beings.  So do pop back every so often to see how we grow.  We hope you will enjoy the fact that you came here by accident prior to ignition, when Radio Hydrogen was  under construction.  And in the spirit of what is to come, we invite you to remember this case-sensitive word:     “SuperInflation”

Rusty Burridge

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